Marion Naifeh with her father, B. W. Lanphear.

Marion Naifeh's mother, Carolyn March. Naifeh only knew her as this photograph hanging on the wall.

Chang-teh, the man who brought the water every day for bathing and washing.

Marion Naifeh's father brought her at age three to Worcester, Massachusetts, to learn English and manners.

Ru-san, the family's cook.

Four of Marion Naifeh's Chinese brothers, with Jimmy at the top, then clockwise: George, Stephen, and Claude.

Marion Naifeh's father released from the Japanese concentration camp, surrounded by his sons and their families.

Marion Naifeh reuniting with her brother George in Wuhu in 1980.

Standing with George in the shambles of their childhood home.



The first Smith College Junior-Year-Abroad group in Mexico, with Marion Naifeh at upper right.


- George -

Marion Naifeh's husband George as a young boy.

George at left with his sister Julia, brother Sam, mother Saida, and father Charlie.

George in the Army Air Force in World War II.

Marion and George Naifeh sharing cake at their wedding reception in Washington.

Leaving for Beirut on the Excalibur.


- IRAN -

George and Marion Naifeh arriving in Meshed, their first assignment in the Foreign Service.

The streets of Tehran were in turmoil leading up to the ouster of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh.

George and Steve.


- IRAQ -

Steve at the gate of the Naifehs' second home in Baghdad.

Steve's best friend, Muthir.

Carolyn on the Naifehs' return to Baghdad.

The Naifeh family back in America between assignments abroad.



Carolyn, reassured that life would be all right outside of the U.S.

The replacement plumber standing, perplexed, outside the Naifehs' home in Baida.

The U.S. Embassy compound at bottom, with the new Parliament building above it, in Baida, a city that barely existed.

Abdul Gader's mother at left, with a professional dancer, at a bride's party.

The Naifehs' garage turned into a one-room schoolhouse.

George playing a drum at a groom's party.

Carolyn and Steve trick-or-treating at the home of the Chinese Ambassador.



Godwin, the gardener, at the Naifehs' home on Victoria Island.

Marion and George Naifeh at a reception in Lagos.

George and Marion Naifeh with the son of Ade James.



Aunt Wadia.

Mountains of Pakistan.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy meeting Archbishop Cordeiro during her trip to Karachi in 1962. Ahme Stone, a friend of the Naifehs who introduced them to the Archbishop, is at the far right. 


- U.A.E. -

Abu Dhabi before oil was discovered in 1958.

George at the Naifehs' apartment in Abu Dhabi.

Marion at the Naifehs' apartment in Abu Dhabi.

A traditional Emirati dance to celebrate the return of the pearl divers.



George walking with his aunt Wadia in Ajlun, the town where his father was born.